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deco architecture artdeco architecture astoria astoria queens astoria sculpture garden atmospheric new york autumn autumn bow bridge autumn east village autumn fog autumn foliage autumn foliage central park autumn foliage nyc autumn in central park autumn in madison square park autumn in new york autumn in new york city autumn in the city autumn ivy autumn lake autumn landscape autumn leaves autumn manhattan autumn new york autumn new york city autumn nyc autumn path autumn photo autumn romance autumn sun autumn sunset autumn trees avenue bakery balloons bank of america tower barbed wire bare branches battery park city battery place bay bbg cherry trees beach beach landscape beach night beach sunset beachscape beard stores beautiful beautiful architecture beautiful autumn beautiful autumn landscape beautiful autumn scenery beautiful bakery beautiful central park beautiful central park landscape beautiful central park view beautiful nyc beautiful nyc street beautiful nyc sunset 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collective bushwick mural bushwick street art bushwisk bw cab cafe canopy carpet cars castiron architecture castiron clock castle center central central park central park autumn central park autumn foliage central park autumn landscape central park boats central park bow bridge central park bridge central park bridle path central park bridle path autumn central park cherry blossoms central park conservatory garden central park east central park elm trees central park engagement central park fall central park fall foliage central park fountain central park from above central park lake central park landscape central park leaves central park nyc central park path central park photo central park photography central park poet's walk central park poets walk central park rain central park ramble central park romance central park row boats central park skyline central park snow central park spring central park springtime central park summer central park sunset central park trees central park 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flowers ed koch queensboro bridge edward hopper studio edward hopper washington mews elm trees elm trees winter empire empire state building empire state building 86th floor observatory empire state building and new york city skyline empire state building as seen from little italy empire state building view empty essex street evening evening light evocative new york factory faded building faded sign fairway market red hook fall fall central park fall foliage fall foliage brooklyn fall foliage central park fall foliage in central park fall foliage nyc fall in manhattan fall in new york city fall in nyc fall manhattan fall new york fall new york city fall nyc fall photo fall sunset falls fantasy nyc father fdr fdr drive february snow nyc federal style townhouses festive fifth avenue fifth avenue building clock fifth avenue clock film noir film noir new york fin art photography financial financial district financial district skyline financial district skyscrapers financial district tree 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street grit gritty gritty alley gritty city scene gritty lower east side gritty new york gritty new york city gritty new york location gritty nyc grove court grunge grungy east village grungy party guggenheim museum halloween halloween dog costumes hanami happy haze hazy hazy day new york city hazy day nyc hazy nyc hazy prospect park hazy skyline hell's hell's kitchen hercules snowstorm hewes hewes street high line high line at the rail yards high line elevated park high line flowers high line rail yards high line view high line wild flowers high line wildflowers historic historic architecture historic blizzard new york city historic brooklyn historic district nyc historic new york historic new york city historic nyc historic pennsylvania historic street nyc history history street holiday decorations holiday tree hotel hotel view houston houston street art wall hudson river park view hustle and bustle ice iconic iconic new york city iconic new york city view iconic nyc imperial sign 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spring trees spring tulips spring upper east side springtime springtime brooklyn springtime central park springtime in new york springtime nyc square st. st. mark's place st.mark's place stables staple street staple street sky bridge staple street skybridge state statue of liberty steampunk nyc stock exchange stone stone street stone street historic district storefront storefronts storm storm clouds stormy street street art street art nyc street corner street life nyc street light street lights street photography street scene street winter streets structure stumptown coffee roasters stuyvesant square subway overpass summer summer central park summer coney island summer high line summer in the city summer manhattan summer new york city summer night summer night nyc summer nyc summer skyline summer storm summer sunset summertime sun sun on buildings sun over cherry trees sun through trees sunlight sunny sunny balzano sunny central park sunny day nyc sunny nyc sunny street sunny's red 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lined street nyc trees trees nyc tribeca tribeca cafe tribeca restaurant tribeca skybridge tribeca skyscraper tribeca street tribeca sunset tribute in light trolley cars tudor tudor city tudor city from above tudor city skyscrapers tudor city sunset tulips two two bridges two bridges rooftops umbrella umbrellas under under the bridge under the brooklyn bridge union square union square from above union square park unique nyc unique skyscraper upper upper east side upper east side architecture upper east side winter upper manhattan upper west side urban urban balloons urban decay urban decay nyc urban density urban landscape urban nature urban night urban party urban photography urban plant life urban romance urban spring urban waterfront urban winter vendor verizon vesuvio bakery vesuvio bakery soho view from top of empire state building village vintage car vintage eatery vintage manhattan vintage nyc vintage red hook vintage sign vintage storefront vintage style vintage style 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