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New York City - Winter - Snowy Night in Midtown

New York City - Winter - Snowy Night in Midtown

This photograph was taken during heavy snowfall in New York City. I bundled myself and my camera up in as many layers as I could muster and walked all the from my Lower East Side neighborhood up 5th Avenue to Times Square because I could think of nothing better than reveling in some of the most beautiful city scenery while the night turned into something resembling a shaken snow-globe.


My name is Vivienne Gucwa. I am an artist, creative director, and author of two books: NY Through the Lens and NY in the Snow.

I primarily specialize in New York City photography. You can license my work for film, print, television, and digital use. I also work directly with brands.

If you wish to contact me regarding my work you can contact me at

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